The Counselling Room

The Counselling Room provides a safe and confidential environment where you are supported to empower your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Being able to talk about your problems is essential in helping tackle life’s challenges.

Talking therapies helps to better understand emotions and encourages us to make the right decisions and choices which can have a positive influence on our life.

The Counselling Room offers a counselling service, which is safe and confidential, a service that is affordable and accessible to everyone.  We will provide you with a counsellor who is ethical, impartial, non judgemental and safe. 

Providing you with the right conditions will help you facilitate change through gaining insight and understanding into any difficulties you are going through. We will help you reflect on the experience and consider alternative approaches. 

Our aim is to build on your emotional resilience, helping you to cope with life’s challenges and make positive changes.

During the sessions you will be encouraged to express and explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions, with the help of your counsellor you will gain a better understanding how they all link and impact on behaviours, this process will allow you to identify your own solution to the problem.

Working with:

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Grief and Loss, Addiction, OCD, Eating Disorders, Sexualised Trauma

The affects off divorce and separation

Families and children affected by substance misuse

Families affected by loved ones who are involved in criminality

The difficulty of life transtions before and after retirement

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